mattress sales We’ve all seen those corny local mattress store commercials. There’s usually a self-proclaimed “Mattress King” yelling about “rock-bottom holiday prices” and waving his hands around a showroom. It feels like the ads follow you from TV and radio to billboards and bus benches. Before you know it, you have the cheesy jingle stuck in your head, and you’re considering buying a new bed.

But are mattresses really cheaper during holidays, or is it just a sales scheme to convince you to upgrade at a mediocre price? In short, yes. Mattresses are cheaper during certain times of the year; however, holiday sales aren’t the only time you can score a great deal. There are other times of the year when you can save on your mattress purchase and a number of factors that impact the price.

Yes, holidays are a good time to buy a mattress

Nerd Wallet lists holidays like Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Black Friday as great times to buy a bed. You can save up to 20% on your purchase by taking advantage of special offers and discounts. Retailers in many industries take advantage of holidays to promote shopping, especially when it comes to large purchases like mattresses, cars, and appliances.

What is the motivation for sellers to cut prices specifically on these occasions? According to Mattress Advisor, breaks and long weekends mean hard-working Americans are off work and looking for things to do on their extra free days. Many of these people choose to spend time roaming the mall or shopping centers with their families. When couples have the rare opportunity to shop together, they are more likely to make an expensive purchase like a car or mattress because large investments usually require input from both people.

Black Friday is one of the most popular times to buy a new mattress. Per Mattress Advisor, retailers slash prices to reel in customers who may not even be looking to purchase a new bed. These motivated and eager shoppers are prepared to spend some serious cash on gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Though these buyers intend to shop for Christmas, they won’t want to miss out on a great mattress deal when they see one.
You can still get a great deal at other times of the year
A common misconception is that holidays are the only time to get a quality mattress for a low price; however, with the right timing and information, you can snag a sweet deal at other times of the year, too.

Nerd Wallet suggests looking for a mattress in late winter and early spring. Around this time is when stores start bringing in new inventory. To make room for the shiny, new models on the showroom floor, they offer deep discounts to clear out the mattresses from the previous season. They’ll even sell the floor samples at a significant price cut. With the right timing, you could save as much as 50% on your purchase – an even better deal than during the holidays.

According to Mattress Advisor, September is also a smart time to purchase a new bed. As companies prepare for the end of the fiscal year, they’ll offer major discounts as a final push to clean out old inventory and boost sales. As new models become available, retailers need to clear their warehouses of poorly selling brands and those that have been discontinued. Their loss is your gain.

Which saves more money: buying in-store or online?

Regardless of what time of year you choose to make a mattress purchase, the outlet you use will make a significant impact on the price. As written by Sleep Advisor, online sellers tend to have more reasonable prices because they compete worldwide rather than only at the local level with the mattress kings we see on TV. Online stores also don’t need to spend money to staff brick-and-mortar locations. Lower operation costs mean lower prices. Plus, your bed is delivered directly to your door, saving you time and money.

It seems like a no-brainer to shop for your next new mattress online, but in-store purchases do have their advantages. Showroom shopping is still a popular option because people like to test out different models before making a decision. Sure, prices are higher, but buyers can sleep soundly, happy with their purchase and confident that it was money well spent.

In-store shopping also allows you the luxury of working with a salesperson who can show you all the perks and prices. Nerd Wallet suggests these strategies:

Ask for a purchase guarantee: If you find a better deal anywhere else, some retailers will refund you the price difference within a certain amount of time.

Negotiate the price: Many buyers don’t know you can negotiate your price. Even if the seller stands firm on their price, they may at least throw in a free accessory to amp up the deal.

Focus on the final price, not the discount: It’s easy to be dazzled by colorful signs boasting big percentage discounts plastered across the store, but remember, the final cost is still the most important thing. For example, sixty percent off a memory foam mattress may not be a great bargain if the original price is drastically increased compared to competitors’ pricing. Always research other retailers to make sure you’re getting a fair price.

What’s the average cost of a mattress, anyway?
It can be difficult to guarantee you’re getting a fair price if you’re not sure what a mattress should cost in the first place. However, it’s not as simple as looking at a single, average number. The cost will depend on a variety of factors, including size, materials, quality, and purchase outlet. A mattress made of memory foam or gel is likely to have a steeper price than a standard, spring mattress. The same is true for a king-size bed versus a queen.

It’s also tricky to compare prices across brands. Manufacturers produce a range of makes and models for each retail outlet, many with different names despite being similar in quality and material. When researching the best option, you may run into trouble comparing models from different stores because the names are unique to each retailer.

To keep the process from becoming too overwhelming, decide on a size and material you’d like first, then research and compare prices within that specific category. And remember to look at both online and in-store purchase options. The queen-size waterbed you have your heart set on may be cheaper when you buy it from a fair salesman at a local mattress store than if you go with a well-known online retailer who sets the price, or vice versa.

It’s also helpful to establish a budget before you dive in. Setting a spending boundary will keep you from getting distracted by percentage discounts and unnecessary upgrades. This is especially important when the mattress alone is not the only item you’re buying. If your bed purchase also requires shipping or delivery, a new frame, linens, pillows, or other accessories, those will be additional costs you need to account for.

Armed with the right information and tactics, it’s possible to get a great deal on a mattress just about any time of the year.

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